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How HWT defines Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine integrates:
For patients

  • Understanding and care of all their needs – physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental
  • Their own understanding of the cause and meaning of their illness
  • Their own wisdom, commitment and effort in the self-healing process

 For therapy

  • Orthodox medical diagnostics and treatments,
  • Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM),
  • Psychological and spiritual support
  • Nutrition
  • Self-help and self-development approaches

 For case management/organisation

  • A multi-disciplinary team approach of all those involved in the person’s care and support, with the client as the leader of the team., and the clients needs, values and choices as the primary determinant in the IM approach offered.
  • An organised support network to ensure the best care of the client, carers and family

 For IM professionals

  • Reflective practice and continuous learning
  • Mutual respect and support
  • Ongoing professional supervision, personal and professional development and health coaching to promote optimum self-care.


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