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Gillian Gill confounded experts with her miraculous recovery from cancer. Here’s her story…

Initially I was wrongly diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was vast and growing rapidly and was eventually diagnosed as having ovarian cancer grade 4 with secondaries in the liver. By this time the tumour was the size of a watermelon and my oncologist recommended five different types of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in order to reduce the size of the tumour in the hope that it could then be removed.

The prognosis was devastating. I was in my 40s with two children aged 14 and 17 and my husband, Simon, had lost his first wife tragically young. I didn’t want endless amounts of chemo and radiotherapy, with all the impact that has on your body and the people who care for you, just to stand a tiny chance of a successful operation. For these reasons I decided to refuse the orthodox oncology treatment and try an alternative path.

I maintained contact with my oncologist for blood tests and support and started out on my own healing journey at a Brandon Bays’ workshop. I had support from renowned healer Irene Sowter, integrative medicine cancer specialist Dr Rosy Daniel (who prescribed the Ayurvedic herbal preparation Carctol and helped me develop visualisation skills to harness the power of my own mind to tackle the tumour), and nutritionist/kinesiologist Marianne Callaghan. Reflexology, acupuncture, food supplements, hypnotherapy, exercise and deep breathing, an alkaline vegetarian diet and cranial osteopathy have also contributed to what has been, without doubt, a miraculous recovery! The tumour is now the size of a fist and totally benign. My liver has re-made itself and there’s not a trace of cancer in it.

My extraordinary path has been paved with some real leading lights that empowered me with confidence and the tools to do it my way. This experience has given me permission to become fully who I am.

Helen Smith was told that her painful frozen shoulder could take two years to heal. Then she tried the Bowen Technique…

In November 2006, I tripped over a bag that someone had inadvertently placed behind me and fell on my right elbow. Subsequently I suffered from pain in both shoulders and restricted movement of both arms, which prevented me, for example, from fastening/unfastening my bra at the back.

My GP diagnosed a frozen shoulder which he said might take up to two years to heal. He gave me a cortisone injection which didn’t improve it so I was sent for an X-ray. There was no visible damage so I was put on a waiting list for an ultrasound scan, and in the meantime decided on a friend’s recommendation to try the Bowen technique, a soft tissue remedial therapy.

Practitioner Nigel Couter confirmed that there was an imbalance in my left shoulder and posture and a restriction in the movement of my arms beyond my ilium. After three treatments I was totally back to normal and, had I known about the Bowen treatment at the time of the accident, I would not have had to suffer months of pain and inconvenience and saved the NHS the cost of an ultrasound scan and cortisone injection.

Harnessing the power of the mind to heal is one element of integrative healthcare that 73-year-old John Kapp has discovered on his incredible journey…

My first experience of CAM was in 1992 when I got osteoporosis. I was treated weekly for it for about two years by a reflexologist, which I believe cured it. My first introduction to Integrative Healthcare was in 2000 when my wife Janet was diagnosed with secondaries in the liver. We ordered Dr Rosy Daniel's Holistic Approach to Health video from Bristol Cancer Help Centre and I accompanied Janet on a two day introductory course. We engaged a healer, a counsellor and a masseuse to give her frequent treatment and she died at peace a few months later, at home with me and our daughters.

That video and course completely changed my paradigm of health and sickness from fighting symptoms as enemies to seeking what they were trying to teach me. With Janet's legacy I bought a derelict building and created an organic vegetarian cafe and alternative therapy centre called Planet Janet in Brighton. I have become a meditation leader and lead drop-ins three times per week.

I have had four breakdowns with arthritis over the last six years and had a hip replacement four years ago on private health insurance. I have been immobilised with arthritic knees on two occasions since but refused replacements and they got better. I used meditation to cure my cataract (mindfulness meditation courses are NICE approved so can be publicly funded), and I believe that Integrative Healthcare is the best way of preventing illness, improving patient satisfaction and could save the NHS billions.

The inclusion of the two doctors practicing integrative medicine was tremendously helpful through a difficult health journey for Catherine Scanlon.

In the late ‘90s, I had cervical smear tests which came back with abnormal cells. Initially, the follow up tests came back clear, but a year or two later I was strongly advised to immediately undergo a procedure (laser diathermy) to remove some ‘pre-cancerous’ cells. I refused as I thought it was important to have some time to consider the procedure recommended, and I set out to inform myself more about my condition and my choices

I consulted two orthodox doctors practicing integrative medicine: Dr Cornelia Featherstone and Dr Rosy Daniel, who I had already heard of in the context of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. It was tremendously helpful to discuss various options, both orthodox, and complementary. I saw a nutritional specialist and took supplements; I consulted a Chinese herbalist, Maxwell Naiken and had shiatsu treatment from Thea Bailey.

I ended up having an orthodox medical procedure at a private hospital in London. The consultant actually did a cone biopsy, which was more invasive than the laser diathermy that I had thought I had agreed to. The inclusion of the two doctors practicing integrated medicine was tremendously helpful through a difficult health journey.


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