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The country’s biggest supermarkets, food manufacturers, caterers and food outlets are joining forces to help cut five billion calories from the nation’s daily diet, the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced.

A new study has shown that physical activity is associated with important positive effects on physical functions and quality of life in patients who had completed their treatment for cancer. More  
Sugar 'is toxic and must be regulated just like cigarettes', claim scientists. More

24,000 diabetes deaths a year 'could be avoided'

Up to 24,000 deaths from diabetes could be avoided in England each year, if patients and doctors better managed the condition, a report concludes. More

Cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes in over 40% of cases: study
Drinking and smoking less and losing weight could save 134,000 cancer diagnoses each year, Cancer Research UK finds, more

GPs told to resist antibiotics requests for coughs and colds
More than half of those who visit the doctor with a cough or cold expect to be given antibiotics, which do not work on viruses. More

Diabetes: the epidemic
Diabetes is nearly four times as common as all types of cancer combined. It is fast becoming the 21st century's major public-health concern. More

Stress tops list of long-term absence causes
Mental health problems hit manual and non-manual staff, CIPD research shows More

Worldwide cancer rates 'could be cut by 2.8m with healthier lifestyles and diets' More

Exercising for just 15 minutes a day could increase life expectancy by 3 years and cut the risk of death by 14 per cent, latest research suggests. More

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People's Voice

Student Testimonial

Dr Sohere Roked
"The Diploma in the Study of Integrative Medicine has altered my practice for the better. I have learned how to really listen to patients, to help them see how physical and mental wellbeing is linked, to encourage people to take responsibility for their health by taking an active role in their nutrition, weight management and in making healthier lifestyle choices."  


A message from our Patron

Hayley Mills
"I am very proud to be a patron of the Health and Wellbeing Trust. I believe that a more integrated medical system is vital. Increasingly people are turning to alternative methods when confronted with their health issues, looking for help and guidance about all the best possible options available to them. People need and deserve medical freedom and choice, and sensitive, intuitive doctors and nurses."

Our Trust is Changing!

Firstly, may we say thank you so much for your ongoing support!

We are delighted to tell you that after a quiet time of reflection and re-focusing that the Health and Wellbeing Trust is now bursting back into life under the new leadership of Programme Director Jeremy Colledge, supported by new Trustees Caroline Totterman and Chris Smith and Medical Advisor Dr Rosy Daniel. amoxicillin for fish and humans .


Jeremy has joined the charity to take forward our original intention of creating a centre for health and healing 

Read Dr Rosy's full relaunch document by clicking here! 



Bursary Provision for Patient Support, and for Education and Training in Integrative Healthcare

The Health & Wellbeing Trust is in a phase of change, its patient and education bursary funds will begin again after sufficient funding has been found.

Thanks to all our supporters over the years

  • The HWT greatly welcomes fundraising offers to further this important work, supporting those that are life-threatened and in urgent need of therapy and motivational self-help.  We also welcome greatly funding support for those wishing to train as health practitioners and health coaches in scientifically-based integrative healthcare approaches that support sustainable improvements in health and wellbeing.


Green energy powers HWT

HWT has teamed up with green energy supplier Ecotricity in a partnership deal. Ecotricity will donate £60 on behalf of every HWT supporter who signs up for the duel fuel tariff, or £40 for electricity only. Call 08000 302302 and quote ‘IHT1’ or visit to support sustainable health and power in the UK.
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